Our Services

Team Collaboration Software LLC helps small to medium size businesses consolidate to improve data quality and better protect their information. Our systems save clients money in both longevity and functionality. We are a Michigan based company and have clients that are still using systems we developed when we were founded in 1999. Our technology integrates common needs with the unique requirements of each client.

One of our systems resulted from a state of Michigan law that passed in 1990. It provided funding to counties in Michigan for 30 years to hire professional surveyors to research and find the markers referenced by property deeds where possible, then to record those locations using GIS technology and establish a modern monument or marker at those locations.

The system had to meet the needs of the plat engineer of a county having one of the most complicated landownership areas in the entire nation, with properties dating back to the 1600s, deeds having every type of legal description imaginable, historical Documents, and Drawings combined with modern CAD files.

The system also had to support imaging all those documents and geographically indexing them so surveyors could easily reach them to assist with locating the historical markers in the field. It also needed to incorporate highly accurate longitude and latitude from the field as markers were found. Finally, the system needed to manage the entire identification, approval, re-monumentation and certification process.

Since that time we have successfully developed applications for small to medium businesses as well as municipal and county governments.