Network Members

Team Collaboration Software LLC.

This is the company that started it all, specializing in database management, but also offering services in live streaming, web design, and more!

Tri County Small Business Association

The tri-county Small Business Association (TricountySBA) is a network of small businesses located in and around southeastern Michigan including the counties of Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne. Our mission is to benefit small biusinesses by providing Analytics, promoting innovations, and building a network of referrals that will showcase over time those businesses with sustained good reputations.

Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors

Land surveying is both an art and a science. The art of mapping, research, and analysis of history and evidence. The science of making precise measurements using high-tech tools (GPS, Laser Scanners, Robotic Total Stations, etc.) and the preparation of very detailed survey drawings using sophisticated CAD software. Whether you are buying, selling, building, subdividing, improving or litigating, a licensed professional surveyor is the first person to contact.

Independent Oracle Users Group

The Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) represents the voice of Oracle technology and database professionals and empowers them to be more productive in their business and careers by delivering education, sharing best practices and providing technology direction and networking opportunities.

Southeastern Michigan Oracle Professionals

Southeastern Michigan Oracle Professionals, or SEMOP is a group in which local oracle professionals can meet up and learn from each otehr new techniques in the oracle world.